The Embodiment of Creativity via Automobile

The Collection

The Leisure Garage Cadillac

Slammed to the ground on whitewalls, this big block yacht from 1970 undoubtedly garners attention and leaves a legacy anywhere it goes

The LG JZS147

As if being a rare first generation GS300 isnt enough, the Leisure Garage JZS147 sports a single turbo 2JZGTE packing 500hp at the wheels on either E85 or 93, all while being fitted and kitted on rare JDM 3 piece wheels.


This jalopy was created to exercise what can be produced with a shoestring budget. Straying from the typical minitruck scene, this $800 fishing truck was outfitted with 15x10 deep dish alloys wrapped with an insanely stretched 185/65 tire. The whole build cost less than $2000.